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We don’t go to bed afraid, why should they?

We don’t go to bed afraid, why should they?


Hardcore Corn

gotta have my corn


Peacock by Scott Kraus

I have a younger sibling. She is Soo dumb sometimes. If I don’t eat well for a few days, I know its my fault and I get over it, even if I’m not feeling well. But as soon as her little tummy hurts, mommy and daddy have to pick up their poor little princess. (sarcasm intended) but when I walk in and see her, she has a pile of snack wrappers and she doing her gymnastics in the living room. Seriously? But I guess thats just how the world works.


When someone like me does weird things, like dance around at the front of the class, or act like a total spaz (not in the good way) get made fun of? If I acted like I’m high on something the “populars” will wisper and think youre some kind freak. But if one of them does it, suddenly its cool and awesome. It’s funny (not really) how things work in life.